Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kandi Koated Nights & Kandi Twitter Situation

Hey everybody!!Make sure you tune in tonight please!! Today guest is Ms.Phaedra Parks (cast member of real housewives of atl) Its gone be GREEEAAAATT!!

From what was read on, she was pretty upset because of a lady by the name Sandra Rose of thats on twitter just keeps hitting below the belt at Kandi every chance she get. Apparently something happend to a child and Sandra is continuously talking about Kandi and using what happened to a child to get at her.

Kandi Burruss
"& I dont give a f*ck if u post my tweets on your site to talk trash about me. using what happened 2 a child to take jabs at me is just WRONG."
Obviously Ms.Sandra Rose can't stand Kandi and must have a reason why she's doing this to Kandi. Something personal must've happened and she took it all out of proportion. However using a child to get at Kandi is totally wrong on her part. That child probably ain't got nothing to do with their situation so she really should've kept that to herself.

Kandi totally went off on her twitter saying
"For the record anything I have ever done for the girls I've done out of love! Not publicity & I'm sick of @ saying otherwise." 
I personally think she's hating on Kandi. She wanna be Kandi but she can't which is probably making her do this stuff to Kandi.

Kandi if you're reading this, don't worry about her. Just keep doing your thang

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Kandi Koated Nights is a good rated-x show that talks about relationship and sex. The host Kandi Burruss (cast member on bravos Real housewives of atl) and three other cast members;NikkiNicole09@twitter, thedjaone@twitter, and CoreyGetsItDone@twitter gives great tips on how to keep your significant other happy in the bedroom and in your relationship. The show airs on on Wednesdays at 9-11 p.m CST

They bring a celeb guest on the show every week to talk about how and what they do. Each week, they have a different interesting topics that will get to you and make you wanna go try things. NikkiNicole08 is the craziest chick on the set. Shes the one that gives the sex facts and always calling everybody HOE. She very energetic and speaks her mind.

CoreyGetsItDone@twitter really go gets things done. He keeps up with all the entertainment gossip and keeps everybody on point with whats going on with Kandi and everything she got going on.

thedjaone@twitter is Kandi DJ. He's everywhere with Kandi. Everybody say that he's a hoe but he just like padussy just like every men in the world. Well like half the me

They well unorganized but they gets the points across and they are very bootleg on the sound and camera but, trust and believe they will have you crying laughing rolling all over your floor. Everybody should take a look at it and learn something. All info that they give is on point.

The cast members acting crazy as usual!! thedjaone@twitter is not in this one